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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Laning and Leveling in League of Legends

In LoL, laning refers to picking one of the three lands on the board and leveling up by killing minions.Simply pick a lane and defend it while leveling up and trying to push it if you think you can kill the enemies.This is standard operating procedure for almost all the characters. Stay close to the tower for added protection. If an opposing champion targets a player while that player is near his own turret, the tower will pick that opposing champion as its primary target. Players often kill opposing players who make this mistake. Thus, when pushing a tower with a champion, players must be very careful not to target any defending champions unless they mean to do so. Performing a quick strike on a tower defender and running away before the tower can react is also a valid tactic to use.There is also a strategy used by champion with abilities of restoring health like warwick and udyr,these champions often don't pick a lane but just kill the minions of the ''jungle'',this technique is called ''jungling'',those who choose to jungle in a game must remember to help their teammates who have to solo a lane often,even if they don't seem to need help a jungler should always remember to attack using the element of surprise,this technique is called ganking.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Basics (Getting ready for the war)

First thing you should do is decide on your first champion. While there is no such thing as the strongest champion, there are ones that are easier to learn for newbies. While it is better to try them all and see which one is best for your playing style, you might want to start with a ranged class champion as you can run to safety more easily. Later on, you may play melee champions and learn more about the flow of the game. Once you are prepared for it, you can then play more difficult mage characters that have low HP, but powerful abilities that can turn the tide of battle in a flash. Of course, it depends with each individual champion and the player’s playing style and tendencies. Find out what yours are to get the most of every game.

Study what your abilities and spells do. The combinations of spells that you pick before the game can be one of the determining factors for winning, so make sure that you can make use of them as much as you can. As for abilities, there are characters that don’t need mana to use them. Some only deal with cooldown, like Garen and Katarina, while others use stamina, like Shen and Kennen. There are also special cases where abilities also make use of health points, like Vladimir and Tryndamere. All in all, there are a lot of complexities and variations to this, so you have to study them carefully. Later on, you’ll also have runes that you can equip to enhance your abilities. While you won’t need to worry about that yet, you might as well do your research since its one of the things that separates a high level account from a new account.
You must then learn more about the terminologies used in this game. Since it is a cooperative multiplayer game, teamwork is crucial and communication is fast paced due to the nature of the game. It helps to be a quick typist, but learning the jargon lets you get your point across with just a few letters. Stuff like ‘top’, ‘mid’, ‘bot’, ‘mia’, ‘jungle’, ‘push’, ‘feeder’, and so on is used in order to inform teammates of various battle conditions. Remember that the worst way to play this game is to be a lone wolf.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

League of Legends tips #2 Types of Champions

There are 50+ champions to choose from, and every week a new rotation of free to choose champions will arise, giving you the opportunity to find the champion that's best suited for you, and your playing style !
  • Tank : You are the bravest of all champions. You will take the dammage for your team, fearing no fight and never turning back while trying to get the opponents to focus on you!
  • Fighter : You are the most reliable of all champions. You will think before you act, and you will always help out your team,if your champion isn't too squishy (fragile) ,you'll be able to join fights without worrying about dying and you will be feared by your opponents.
  • Mage : You are by far the smartest of all champions. Cause you don't have enormous amounts of life, you've become a master in magic damage and encountering your opponents by a long distance.
  • Support : You are the most respected of all champions. Not in the frontline, but most certainly reliable. You can heal your teammates, leaving them thankfull for the rest of their lives, that you managed to save.

League of Legends tips #1 Introduction to LoL

Introduction to League of Legends (LoL)

League of Legends is a massively multiplayer online real time strategy game or an MMORTS. Players run a champion character and fight alongside minions to destroy enemy towers in order to capture their base. They work along with four other champions to accomplish this mission. The game is free to play but operates with micro-transactions, allowing players to unlock champions and skins.